2014 In Review

Yes, it’s that time to reflect on a year that’s about to be over and make new resolutions for the coming year.  Here is my collection of high and low points and I would love to hear about yours!


2014 Highlights



1. The Whole World in Her Hands Recordings – in two NY City recording sessions we were able to pull together the most amazing music with a cast of the leading ladies of jazz: Jamie Baum, Jane Bunnett, Anna Butterss, Arianna Fanning, Lakecia Benjamin, Reut Regev, Linda Oh, Mayra Casales, Leni Stern, and Jennifer Vincent – the music is in the mastering process right now, watch out world! Here is a taste.


2. A successful crowdfunding campaign in support of The Whole World in Her Hands – it was an amazing process of connecting with friends and supporters, thank you to everyone who participated in so many ways!


3. The Peace on Earth tour to Virginia and back – jazz is alive and well thanks to jazz organizations around the country led by dedicated community leaders such as the Lexington Jazz Arts Society led by David McWhorter, the WV Jazz Society under the leadership of Eric Spelsberg, and the Charlottesville Jazz Society with Gary Funston – it was a great treat to be part of your holiday celebrations and thank you for all you do!


4. A summer full of amazing sights and encounters in Austria – Germany – Paris, let’s do it again! Some of the highlights include teaching a jazz class at the Jazz Institute in Graz, celebrating my birthday with my family, performing with the fantastic Anne Czichowsky, a jam session in Paris, and spending time with my favorite five girls!


Choir 1
5. My daughters started Middle School and High School – big transitions!  They are beautiful girls and of course I’m most excited about Jasmin pl aying viola in the orchestra and Melody singing in the choir – yeah!


6. Joy the maltepoo puppy – yes, after two years of begging Jasmin finally convinced us that we should get a puppy.  It was a long process, but we’re sure glad we gave in – there is so much joy in the house now!


7. The Spotlight on Jazz and Poetry live show – I got to participate in my third edition in May with fantastic musicians and poets in Philadelphia under the direction of Clay Corley.  In addition, we presented a workshop at the hospital for all patients on the healing powers of jazz and poetry – I can’t wait to be back for the next edition, get your tickets now here!


8. It is a great honor to be part of the Jazz Education Network board – the sixth conference is coming up on January 7-10 in San Diego. It’ll be a non-stop jazz party with clinics, concerts, and a complete research track organized by yours truly. See you every night in the bar at the jam sessions!


9. Touring with Manuel Fischer-Dieskau and friends in Germany in support of his recordings of David Baker’s cello works – my favorite concert was in Cologne at the Amerikahaus, let’s do it again.


10. My promotion to Senior Lecturer – with a 100% vote from the committee on excellence in teaching, thank you!


2014 Low Points


1. Streaming services now overtook digital sales, but the rates are not set for economic sustainability, live as a musician got even more difficult!

2. Women still need support for equal opportunities – listen to the stories of the ladies in the video above!

3. Unfortunately the news are still full with acts of terros and wars – can we finally just get along!

4. Live as a touring musician can be difficult – especially missing birthdays and concerts –

5. The fall election was a disaster!

6. The last winter in Indiana was the worst ever – climate change!!

7. We lost Peter’s dad on New Year’s Day – good-bye.


Ok – so finally the resolutions:


1. The Whole World in Her Hands will find support and get released to the public with a series of tours and radio promotion – this music needs to be heard!

2. Staying healthy and enjoying the moment will be priority!

3. Making time to spend with friends!

4. We will bring jazz to many parts of the world – nationally and internationally.

5. Music will gain back its value creating a sustainable model for musicians!

What are your highlights and resolutions, let me know!!