Back to the Future

It’s the day after the US elections, which I witnessed from the UK and we’re all in shock. We have a country polarized into two opposite population groups, a sign of the times that we also see in other parts of the world – Turkey, Russia, Austria, England… caused by a lack of empathy, cultural understanding, love – because our leaders guide us towards a polarizing model. Such a  follower mentality is similar to the Milgram Experiment where people were willing to increase the voltage for shock punishments on authority order even though they knew they were hurting another human being. Only having to touch their victims decreased the likelihood of following orders blindly against their instincts. Please hug generously, be understanding and follow your own ethical conscience so we can move this world towards a healthy equilibrium. Walk in someone else’s shoes today. My instincts tell me that we will enter a rough couple of years for any values that are not purely financial – which are the vast majority! It’s up to us to restore a balanced value system – love and peace.