• Eternal Dance
    I’m very excited to share this special compilation of music recorded with my all-Star group Sheroes earlier this year. The music helped me get through a year of healing and … Read more
  • The Best of 2019
    Only a few days left until the end of the year, actually a decade – a perfect moment to review the highlights and set goals for the upcoming year and … Read more
  • Berlin – Weimar – Dresden – Leipzig – a German History Excursion
    This summer, I created an Indiana University Overseas Course entitled “Global Music Industry” in partnership with the Franz Liszt University of Music in Weimar where we explored the cultural and … Read more
  • Sheroes April 2019 Tour Diary
     Since the release of our second recording in March 2018, Sheroes have accumulated a host of accolades, made numerous year-end listings and recently embarked on a major tour of Egypt … Read more
  • In Her Hands: Key Changes in Jazz
    The new documentary by award-winning filmmaker Kay D. Ray is making the screening rounds and we’re excited to have two showings with music and discussions in Indiana. Below is the … Read more
  • JEN @ 10
  • – 2018 –
    It’s the night of Winter Solstice 2018 – a good time to reflect on a year nearly gone and a new year ready to bring new adventures. Come on a … Read more
  • Peace on Earth – 10th Anniversary!
    It was July 2008, in the middle of summer, when we went into the studio to record a collection of songs with a winter and holiday theme. My mission for … Read more
  • Sheroes Fall Tour 2018 – Impressions
    Come with us on tour – October 25-November 1, Sheroes  – here is a recap of pictures, videos, thoughts, places, new friends, new music and more. Sheroes Jamie Baum – … Read more
  • Behind the Song – I’m A Superstar
    With a nearly 100% focus on vocals in contemporary popular music, listening to instrumental music has become unusual and sometimes difficult. As I listened to Celtic Folk, Contemporary Acoustic String … Read more
  • Jazz Made in Germany
    These past two days I got to participate and present at a conference at the Franz Liszt University in Weimar on Jazz Research in the German-speaking countries. There were many … Read more
  • Sheroes Live
    This year, the Sheroes got to close the Dobbs Ferry Summer Concert Series on August 22 at the Waterfront Park in Dobbs Ferry, NY. It was a perfect evening, great … Read more
  • Hoagy Carmichael – A Bloomington Legacy
    Most school curricula feature courses on World History, US History, and Local History, which makes a lot of sense. There are some common historical milestones that had worldwide impact, such … Read more
  • Kaffee und Kuchen
    The art of house concerts is a special experience – a small, selected audience experiences music and musicians up close and personal in an intimate setting. The series presented at … Read more
  • Europe in July
    I’m writing this blog as I wait at the Atlanta airport for my flight to Dusseldorf/ Germany in anticipation of five weeks of performing, teaching, and visiting with friends and … Read more