It’s Here – The Whole World in Her Hands

Layout 1Releasing a new recording is like giving birth or maybe it’s rather like sending your kid off to college – proud of their achievements, but also worried on how they will find their path next to all the other college kids, how they will be perceived by their peers and elders, and what kind of career they will carve out for themselves. The Whole World in Her Hands will be officially released June 10 through Whaling City Sounds with worldwide distribution through Naxos and a full radio campaign – this proud Mama is rooting for success. This is the most elaborate recording in my 25+ year history as a recording artist that I have put together. The musicians are phenomenal and the mix of compositions with contributions by several players flows beautifully. The disc also includes a video documentary segment from the studio and testimonials by the participants on why the concept of featuring this group of female instrumentalists is so important to create role models and accelerate equal access and opportunities. In addition, a successful crowdfunding campaign helped finance the studio fees and created a dedicated community in support of the wcs079_MonikaHerzig_WWIHH_4panDigiPack-2-page-001project. But – I’m still nervous and concerned that in this age of borrowing rather than buying music the investment in making the album flow, creating a beautiful package, showcasing these amazing players, and pouring further investment into touring might get lost in the shuffle of close to 100,000 recordings released per year – the result of democratizing the process of creation. We’re gearing up for the release concert on Thursday, June 16, 12.30pm at St. Peter’s Church in NY City and the tour September 21 – October 2 from the East Coast to the Midwest and back with subsequent recording of the next compilation. You can show your support by joining us at the concerts and of course purchasing a copy from myself or any of your favorite vendors after June 10. Thank you for your support of culture and community and our future!