Kaffee und Kuchen

The art of house concerts is a special experience – a small, selected audience experiences music and musicians up close and personal in an intimate setting. The series presented at White Fir Studios in the South of Germany offers additional attractions to the house concert setting. The studio provides its state-of-the-art instruments including Fender Rhodes and Wurlitzer keyboards, Hammond Organ, and high-end guitar and basses and records the sessions direct to analog tape. And most of all, Kaffee und Kuchen means coffee and cake, all homemade German cakes!

We got to do this special event for the second time on June 21 with the Time Flies. For this edition we had the New York rhythm section of Josh Roberts and Aron Caceres along and Casio also had sent one of the Privia keyboards over. We rehearsed all afternoon and created two timed 30-minute sets including all the transitions between the pieces. The Time Flies music is quite complex and performing a set of four pieces live direct to tape is a concentration challenge.

It was intense and uplifting, thrilling and touching, and a special bond that musicians and audiences will never forget. Was it perfect, polished like we’re used to hearing recordings these days? Maybe not all note choices but certainly on a musical and emotional level. We also added more tracks during another day of recording – all live without overdubs thanks to the great musicianship. The LP will be released Summer 2019 with the working title Noodle Factory – why? Pun on the famous Albgold Noodles produced in the same town!