Managing Creativity

ConciseGuideIt is an honor to be included as one of the chapter contributors in the “Concise Guide to Entrepreneurship, Technology and Innovation” edited by David Audretsch, Christopher Hayter, and Albert Link published by Edward Elgar Publishing. The book includes 46 essays ranging from explaining the concept of Entrepreneurship to a variety of applications all written by experts in the fields. My chapter is the result of analyzing Jazz Jam Sessions and extracting the factors that facilitate the interaction as a model for group creativity. The gatherings of jazz musicians with the common goal of coming up with a new and creative product is a great model for group entrepreneurship. The next steps of this research project include demonstrating transfer options of this model to business groups and validating the model factors towards creating a creativity tool box. I’m actually hoping to spend a year overseas in order to collect more evidence and case studies. The next publication on the subject should be out during the next year. If you’re interested in the book and/or ordering it for your library, click here.