New Orleans January 4-7, 2017 – Act Now!

The city closest associated with the art form jazz is New Orleans. Due to its location at a major port, melting pot demographics, and cosmopolitan party mix, the city is also called the birthplace of jazz. Actually jazz has become synonymous with New Orleans far beyond music as a lifestyle. What better place  to present a Jazz Convention in January than New Orleans? The Jazz Education Network will hold its 8th Annual Conference there January 4-7, 2017. Around 4,000 musicians, educators, industry professionals, enthusiasts, and more will gather for nearly four days of performances, clinics, workshops, and research presentations of the highest caliber. Applications for all of the above are now open until March 31 – a firm deadline to submit applications for JEN 2017. Follow this link and make sure you’re a member and submit proposals for performances, clinics, research presentations, poster session, and panels.

The JEN Research Committee is also offering a Research Fellowship with the support of the Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation every year with the same application deadline of March 31. The $ 5,000 award with a $ 1,000 travel grant supports research that uses the resources of the Smithsonian Institute with a final presentation at the JEN Conference and the Smithsonian. More info is here. 

The Research Committee also sends out  monthly newsletter packed with useful info and presentations callouts as well as new research results, publications, and books. Make sure to check it out here and subscribe.

In any case – why jazz? Because it’s the quintessential form of communication and democracy and uniquely American! What makes America great? Tolerance, acceptance, entrepreneurship, creativity, arts, jazz, diversity, opportunity – not lies and hatred and discrimination. Do the right thing – and apply for JEN 2017.