The Best of 2019

Only a few days left until the end of the year, actually a decade – a perfect moment to review the highlights and set goals for the upcoming year and decade.

  1. January – the annual Jazz Education Network (JEN) Conference in Reno, NV with a closing performance by the Sheroes and always a special time with old and new friends, can’t wait for the 2020 edition in New Orleans with a clinic on Chick Corea and nightly performances at the Side Bar.
  2. February – Harpist Destiny Muhammad comes to Bloomington for a performance residency and to collaborate on Jazz Girls Days in Bloomington and at Noblesville High School. On March 7, 2020, we will bring all the Sheroes to Bloomington for Jazz Girls Day and to celebrate the release of our new album “Fly High” – tickets are available here.
  3. March – the Future of Jazz took place at Crazy Horse this year with featured guest artist Rich Dole and seven combos featuring the brightest Middle and High School jazz talents. Many of the kids who participated over the past 15 years are now young stars – it’s been an amazing journey watching their careers, the Future of Jazz 2020 will be March 29 at Jackson Creek Middle School
  4. April – the Sheroes conquered Egypt and Europe during an amazing tour, lots of beautiful places, audiences, music, and friendship, thanks to all the amazing festivals and clubs that hosted us.
  5. May – the Time Flies Powerlines Tour from the Midwest to the East Coast, so much fun to go back to our Fusion roots and rock it out
  6. June – my Indiana University course “Global Music Industry” spent three weeks in Berlin, Weimar, Dresden, and Leipzig learning about the German music industry and history, taking cultural excursions and following Bach’s footsteps. We’ll be back in 2020!
  7. July – some family time with my mother and siblings, we even got to visit my Mom’s twin sister at Lake Constance, very special!
  8. August – back to school, Jasmin started her senior year in High School and we finished out the month with the official release of Powerlines on Jazz Urbane
  9. September – back to Teaneck Studios for the third Sheroes recording combined with performances in New York, I can’t wait to share this exciting recording with the world during our March 2020 release tour.
  10. October – a week of conferences and teaching in Vienna and Graz, Austria at three different Universities, I love Vienna!
  11. November – a quick weekend trip to Munich and St. Petersburg for a birthday part and the Jazz Across Borders conference, I hope to get to spend more than one day in Russia eventually!
  12. December – the Sheroes are making their debut in Chicago at Andy’s Jazz Club, hopefully with many more visits to come.

And what’s in store for next year? Speaker at the Jazz Congress at Jazz at Lincoln Center, JEN conference in New Orleans, the release of Fly High by the Sheroes with a two-week US Tour and a summer European Festival tour, ambassador for the IU Bicentennial Alumni Excursion to Berlin – 2020 here we come, wishing everyone a wonderful new decade with lots of happiness, health, and friendship!