The Story Behind The Song – Ballad of a Snowman

I started the series with the oldest song from the album “Peace on Earth” and will continue now with the newest song, which is an original of mine written in 2008 as we were preparing for the release. It is also the first song of mine with original lyrics that was actually released to the public.  As I was thinking about the ‘typical’ holiday songs that often talk about snow and snowmen this quirky melody popped into my head and I was imagining the joy of building a snowman on a cold day.  And of course, once the temperatures rise and the snow melts the sight of a dwindling snowman can be sad but also represent the arrival of the warmer season.  In fact, the carrot planted as a nose may eventually become the seed for new life.

Peace on Earth promo pic
The flavor of the melody and interpretation is influenced by Thelonious Monk systematically and diligently constructed compositions. The A-Section features a repeated motif moving up a step for repeats and the exclamatory hits at the end of phrases. During the B-Section, the gradual melting is the image for the sluggish and chromatic melodic phrase.


Ballad for a Snowman (Monika Herzig) – as performed during the CD Release

From The CD Peace on Earth

Instrumental Version Live in Germany
And the lyrics:


Build a snowman, build a snowman, build a snowman – Now!

Call him Frosty, call him Frosty, call him Frosty – Sure.


Me and Frosty, me and Frosty, me and Frosty – Wow!

Friends forever, friends forever, friends forever – Friends.


Sunny, sunny day, how nice, how fun, and warm, so warm,

Take my hat off, take the gloves off, ready for spring.


Muddy waters, muddy waters, muddy waters – Splash!

Where is Frosty, where is Frosty, where is Frosty? – Gone!