The Third Passenger

Two weeks ago I got to go back to Philadelphia on the invitation of Clay Corley, host of Spotlight on Jazz and Poetry, for a Kaleidoscope of Sound featuring a group of fantastic poets and musicians.  Clay had a very special request for me.  On the CD collaboration that I did with poet Norbert Krapf five years ago, we included a pairing of his poem Sisters with my song The Third Passenger.  Both pieces were the result of experiences with miscarriage and still birth – very common occurrences when nature takes care of a problem, but heart breaking for those involved and somewhat of a taboo in our society. Clay asked me to perform the song “The Third Passenger” for the show and it became a very emotional moment and bonding with the audience.  I didn’t have any recordings along with me and of course everyone was asking for the song afterwards. Hence I made a short movie with the recording celebrating the two healthy and happy children that were given to us after our initial experience. Here it is:

And here is Norbert’s beautiful poem that inspired our collaboration – Imagine – Indiana in Music and Words



My first sister

was born without

ever drawing a

breath. I heard

my mother cry

and my grandmother

scold her upstairs.

When my second sister

began to cry,

my mother breathed

a lot easier. My

grandmother smiled.

The dolls we kept

clapped their hands.