The Time Flies

Anyone remembers BeebleBrox – just in case you forgot, here is a taste. Our slogan was “Jazz that Rocks” – and we sure did! Being children of the Seventies, Peter and myself encountered the exciting music of Weather Report, the Mahavishnu Orchestra, Return to Forever, and the Headhunters as our first introduction to jazz and it sure shaped our songwriting and love for melting jazz with other genres and unconventional interaction. And of course – we met in a pre-incarnation of BeebleBrox in our hometown Albstadt called “Bubble Gun” when the group needed a keyboard player and the rest is as they say history.  S0 – time flies and nearly 20 years after our last BeebleBrox recording we’re introducing a new project The Time Flies.

Quinn SternbergOur rhythm section is Quinn Sternberg on bass and Josh Roberts on drums. Quinn grew up in Bloomington and just graduated from the Jacobs School of Music with a degree in Jazz Studies. Already as a High School kid he came to every jam session in town and I remember listening to him busking every Saturday morning at the Farmers Market playing solo bass! This past year he played in the top combo, traveled with them to Austria, won numerous honors and is getting ready to move to New Orleans. Josh is from Branson, Josh RobertsMO and graduated last year from the Jacobs School of Music. He won his first major contest at the age of 10 killing it on Wipe Out! (watch this) and recently released a CD of his own music. He has also garnered numerous awards and is getting ready to start his graduate studies at the New School in New York City.

Dominant DomainSo what’s the plan? In 1997 we released Dominant Domain – a BeebleBrox recording that featured the last Miles Davis alumni Bob Berg on saxophone. Our friend Lothar Landenberger in Germany approached us with the idea to rerelease those tracks adding some new music in an LP only format for his neOpiniones de Bob Bergw series. The was our inspiration to form a group and rehearse matching material to record – and of course while we’re at it also perform it live for a series of events. The recordings will take place July 19-21 in Germany with a concert on July 23 opening for the Monika Roscher Big Band. They will be released on a limited pressing of 500 LPs – no digital tracks, no CDs, no other formats – collector’s items. The group will also be remembered for the summer of 2016 – the span of its existence.

Here are the live performances scheduled  – also collectors items:

Saturday, May 14, 10.30pm Chatterbox Jazz Club, Indianapolis

Thursday, May 19, 5-7pm Players Pub, Bloomington

Friday, May 20, noon – 1 Artsgarden, Indianapolis

Thursday, June 9, 5.30-8 Bears Place, Bloomington