Peace on Earth

CoverThe Christmas decorations went up today and St. Nikolaus brought presents  – the four weeks have arrived where we sing about ‘Peace on Earth’ and good tidings to all. Here is my wish list this year – please share yours too!

  1. Let’s stop this nationalism and closing borders all over the world. We are all human beings and our genes all go back to the same origins with very little variations. Black, white, tan, male, LGTBQ – our only differences are in the way we live our lives and treat each other.
  2. Equal pay, access, and equal treatment for women – in the arts, science, business Birdlandad– if I hear one more time ‘quality control’, ‘lack of stamina’, or something to that regard it won’t be a pretty picture.
  3. Peace for the people in Syria and surrounding countries – please let the tragedies end.
  4. A new keyboard – my Kurzweil is missing both corners and is held together by lots of extra screws – time to retire.
  5. Local, unique gifts for everyone this season – let’s focus on our communities and creators.
  6. Let’s rediscover our creativity and openness from when we were 5 years old – the world needs it!
  7. A Google car please – I’m tired of driving.
  8. An invitation to Colorado  – I LOVE skiing there, anyone?
  9. And how about one new jazz club in every city – why? Because jazz is America’s unique art form at the root of most popular music genres, and watching the creative process is so inspiring!
  10. And – a packed house for our Birdland performance on December 15, 5-6pm – see you there!!