Time Flies – The Next Chapter

Once upon a time there was a girl who loved playing piano. She got pretty good and explored some jazzy tunes when a guitar prince asked her to join a jazz group. She took the plunge and immersed herself into the world of jazz and writing music and absolutely fell in love with it. The group became quite successful especially after the guitar prince and the keyboard girl eloped to the land of jazz – the US of A. They recorded many albums together and opened for some popular fusion groups and built a career together. But the jazz gods decided that fusion music was wrong and should be abandoned. All the other jazz gods turned to their acoustic roots and created repertory bands. The guitar prince and keyboard girl decided to start a family and the electronic instruments started gathering dust in the basement. But one day, a saxophone friend invited them to revive their fusion roots.They traveled to Germany and took along a drum baron and a bass professor and teamed up with some of the German saxophone gods. The result was a smoking LP recording that got picked up by a German distribution company. Based on the initial success, the group started to embark on the next chapter which is about to begin. Only a few more days and The Time Flies will unite for a series of concert, new recordings, and an extensive European tour with stops in Germany, Austria, Azerbaijan, France, and England. They say the first love is the deepest – this is how it all started!

Seriously, research has documented that musical tastes are determined by the age of 18 and we are children of the Seventies. We are so excited to bring our original music to life and share it in the upcoming concert series together with recent NYU graduate Josh Roberts and jazz phenomenon Scott Pazera. Here are the upcoming Indiana dates – European dates to be posted soon.

Thursday, May 17, 5.30-8pm Bear’s Place – Jazz Fables Series

Friday, May 18, 7-10pm, Jimmy Can’t Dance – Louisville

Saturday, May 19, 10.30 – 1, Chatterbox – Indianapolis

Sunday, May 20, 2.30-5, Bokeh Lounge  – Evansville

Here is a blast from the past and taste of things to come  – 1998 performance for WTIU